December 15, 2021

Four Shepherds

This from Brennan Manning . . .

“There’s a beautiful story recounted every Christmas in the forests of Provence in southern France. It’s about four shepherds who came to Bethlehem to see the child.

One brought eggs, another bread and cheese, the third brought wine. And the fourth brought nothing at all. People called him 'L`Enchante.'

The first three shepherds chatted with Mary and Joseph . . .

Where Is L'Enchante?

They congratulated the proud parents, presented them with their gifts and assured them that if they needed anything else, they had only to ask. Finally, someone asked, 'Where is L`Enchante?'

They searched high and low, up and down, inside and out. Finally, someone peeked through the blanket against the draft, into the creche. There, kneeling at the crib, was L`Enchante — the Enchanted One.

The Direction of Love

Like a flag or a flame taking the direction of the wind, he had taken the direction of love. Throughout the entire night he stayed in adoration, whispering 'Jesu, Jesu, Jesu — Jesus, Jesus, Jesus' . . .

The Enchanted One is laid waste by pure passion . . .

As Christmas approaches, an honest question is: Do I want to be or merely appear to be a Christian?”


We get so busy with the concerns of our daily life, especially during the holiday season. The busyness and concern seems to increase and can often choke out our passion for Jesus.

Take a few moments to clear your mind of your “to do” lists, your calendar, your financial or health concerns, your future. Surrender your heart and mind, and be enchanted with the love of Jesus — with the unmatched passion he has for you, that he would rather die than live without you, that you are why he came.

Let yourself love him back with that kind of passion. Allow yourself to “feel all the feels” — to be moved to tears, or get up and dance for joy, or sit in awestruck silence.

Ask God to show you how to be like L`Enchante — empty handed but completely enchanted with Jesus . . . as you repeat his name over and over . . .

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

Brennan Manning

Brennan Manning was a laicized Catholic priest (meaning he “left the priesthood”) who became an influential Christian speaker, author, journalist, husband and father. 

About the Author Mary Goldring

​In my faith journey God has always used the writings of other Christ followers to encourage, inspire, and challenge me to a deeper walk with Him. My desire is that He might do the same for you as you read the writings shared in these devotionals. Blessings!

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